Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Quick Turn PCB Assembly is crucial in industries where time is of the essence. When time to market is the difference between a successful project and a failure, Vinatronic is here. Vinatronic is a USA besed manufacturer that excels at quick turn PCBA and can provide some of the fastest turnarounds in the nation. 

How Do We Do It

It all starts with your components. Vinatronic has the processes and technology in place to get your BOM ordered and delivered to our door at rapid fast speeds. Our network is responsive and can get components back to us the next day. For the bare PCB we utilize local partners that can get boards back to us in less than a week. This relationship combined with the use of local delivery allows a nearly zero downtime between the time boards get fabricated to when they get assembled. All while the components are being delivered and fabricated, the pick and place file is being generated so that when the materials arrive, the boards can be built up right away. Our QC Team is alerted of a quick turn order and gets an opportunity to prep themselves for review. Our staff is trained on IPC-610 standards and even during rush jobs, excel at catching any issues. A first article is inspected to confirm the programming and to minimize any rework that may have to get done. Once the boards are processed and reviewed for quality, they are packaged and shipped to our customers so that they can make changes or approve to get their product to market!

Vinatronic Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Our years of experience doing quick turn PCB Assembly has made us the go-to supplier of boards. Feel free to review our website for our other services and please contact us for your next project.

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