Why Turnkey PCB Assembly for your Project?

turnkey PCB assembly

To get your design to market, there are many strategies you and your company may choose to take. One method is turnkey PCB Assembly.

What is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

“Turnkey” refers to full service procurement and assembly. There are many levels to this but at its most basic, it includes the contract manufacturer sourcing the components for your design as well as building the final design. Some OEMs chose to go a step further and have testing at the contract manufacturer. A step further than that includes full box builds and fulfillment. There is no one size fits all solution so you and your team will have to discuss internally about what fits your business model the best.

Benefits of Turnkey

Having your CM control where and how to source components means that you get to rely on experts to find the best possible pricing for your components while working with you to directly to understand schedule. Vinatronic’s team has deep rooted relationships with our suppliers which lead to savings which are then passed to its customers. Another benefit is schedule. Having one location receive all the parts, less back and forth is required resulting in expedited turnaround times, not to mention savings on shipping. A turnkey model also means that your staff’s most important resource, time, is preserved. Having staff source vendors, buy parts, receive materials, coordinate schedules, test boards, troubleshoot boards, and having to deal with disruptions may lead to a depletion of resources and a missed schedule. Choosing a turnkey solution for your project leads to less headaches and an overall better product.

Vinatronic works with its customers to find the best solution for their products. Whether that be a full turnkey model, consignment model, or a hybrid, we are here to support all your electronics manufacturing needs.

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