Other Services

Monitor and Display Repair

For over ten years a Vinaco division has been repairing computer monitors. Monitor repair has been retained and expanded as a division of Vinatronic Inc. to include laptop and other flat panel displays.

Rework and ECO

It may be changing a chip because the specs aren't what they were supposed to be or adding a chip and wiring it in to cover that unexpected feature that must be included at the last minute; we have done it before. Whether it is a through hole or surface mount board, we can implement engineering change orders to save a prototype assembly to keep the project on schedule. You may not want to prejudge what might be too big a change to make to that already crowded board before you talk to us.

Cable and Harness

When you have been in this business as long as we have, cable and harness production is hard to avoid, so we chose to become good at it. Our experienced help will produce professional looking, cost effective cable and harness assemblies to your specifications.

Circuit Design

Whether it's a fresh idea or an upgrade of an older technology, we can help. With ample analog and digital design experience, our staff produces reliable and cost effective designs using today's technology. And if your design includes and embedded controller, we can write software if it is C, assembly, machine code, Forth, or Pascal.

Printed Circuit Board Layout

If all you have is a circuit, we can do the rest. We have full capability to produce the board from your circuit and size requirement using our CAD layout, producing the gerber files, obtaining the art work and having the boards produced. Surface mount or through hole is your choice to make.


Somebody has to do it. Our cost to do your test and tune may surprise you. Whether we design the test equipment or you supply your own, we can supply the experienced help to assure the quality of your product.
Making Seemingly Difficult Rework and ECOs Possible
Professional Cable and Harness Assemblies
Cost Effective Testing
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