When it comes to

contract manufacturing

, whether your project is consignment or turnkey, Vinatronic is the company many clients turn to for quality, responsiveness and cost-efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art

surface mount-technology

can be programmed off-line using the Gerber files that define your PCB, and a quick download of the highest accuracy placement data available improves both the turn-around time and quality of your

board assembly


Or, if your project requires through hole PCBs, our experienced team has developed assembly methods that yield high quality finished boards.

And, Vinatronic’s in-line cleaning produces the quality and appearance that our clients have come to expect.

At Vinatronic, our disciplined approach to quality control, ensures a minimum of defects.

And, if your project requires going beyond

board manufacture

, you can rest assured that we can get the job done. At Vinatronic, we routinely deliver quality

full box builds

for a variety of clients.

So, for your next project, please consider Vinatronic.
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